IEEE International Performance,
Computing and Communications Conference

December 10-12, 2017
San Diego, California, USA

IPCCC 2017 Author Registration Page
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NOTE: < At least one author per Paper must register by October 23, 2017 >
< Author registration entails a professional obligation to attend and present your paper at the Conference >
< Failure to present your paper at IPCCC may result in your paper being withdrawn from the Conference Proceedings >

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IPCCC 2017 Fee Schedule

IPCCC registration fees include the IPCCC conference, and 1 copy of the proceedings.

Author registration deadline for full paper is October 23, 2017, poster is October 23, 2017. Late registration may jeopardize publication of papers in the proceedings.

Registration TypeIPCCC Conference Fee (US Dollars)
IEEE Members$825/$950 late
Non-Members$990/$1150 late
Student registration is ONLY for Poster Papers
IEEE students
$550/$600 late
Student registration is ONLY for Poster Papers
Non-IEEE students
$660/$725 late

Registration Category:

Student Registration: For Full Regular or Workshop papers, one author per paper must pay the full non-student registration fee (either IEEE member fee or non-IEEE member fee), in order to partially cover the publication costs of the paper. Thus, if a student is the sole attending author for a paper, he or she cannot register at the reduced student rate. If a student and a professor will both be attending, the professor should pay the full registration fee and the student may submit a second registration with the lower student registration fee. If the sole-attending author is a lifetime IEEE member, he or she may e-mail us regarding a discount.

Multiple Papers with the same Author:
If 2 papers are authored and will be presented by the same attendee, the 2nd paper will receive a discount of 50% of the full registration fee. A 3rd paper by the same author may be registered at the student rate. Any extra pages will require a charge of $100 per page. Please send with your registration the paper numbers and titles of the papers being registered together, as well as the number of pages of each paper. This information should be emailed to the Registration Chair and Publications Chair.

Excess page charges

The page limit varies according to the type of paper:
  • FULL Regular papers: 8 pages (1-4 extra pages at $100 USD/page)
  • WORKSHOP papers: 6 pages (1-2 extra pages at $100 USD/page)
  • POSTER papers: 2 pages (1-2 extra pages at $100 USD/page)
One author per paper must be responsible for the following:

Registration Guidelines:

If you make an error on your submission, you may resubmit your registration