February 10-12, 1999
Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona, USA

International Performance, Computing, and Communications Conference (IPCCC) is the premier IEEE conference presenting research in the performance of computer and communication systems. The lively interactions among researchers from these merging fields provide a stimulating environment rich with new ideas. The conference has been a meeting place for nearly two decades for academic, industrial, and government researchers to share results and to explore possibilities for joint research. We encourage submission of high quality papers reporting both theoretical and applied research in the topic areas listed below.  

IPCCC'99 is co-sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society and IEEE Computer Society's Task Force on Internetworking.   

General Chair  
Nadeem Malik  
IBM Corporation  
11400 Burnet Road  
Austin, Texas 78758  
Tel: (512) 838-5106 
Fax: (512) 838-8378  

Vice Chair  
Eric Johnson  
New Mexico State Univ.  
Las Cruces, NM 88003  
Tel: (505) 646-4739  
Fax: (505) 646-1435  

Program Co-Chair  
Jagan Agrawal  
Dept. of Computer Networking 
Univ. of Missouri-Kansas City  
5100 Rockhill Road  
Kansas City, MO 64110-2499  
Tel: (816) 235-2360 
Fax: (816) 235-5159  

Program Co-Chair  
Nasr Ullah  
Motorola, Inc. 
c/o IPCCC'99 
P.O. Box: 90759 
Austin, Texas 78709-0759 
Tel: (512) 424-8251 
Fax: (512) 424-8851  

Tutorial Chair  
Humayun Khalid  
Motorola, Inc. 
PowerPC Somerset Design Ctr. 
6200 Bridgepoint Parkway #4 
Austin, Texas 78730 
Tel: (512) 424-8576 
Fax: (512) 424-8826  

Panel Chair  
Lizy Kurian John  
ECE Department, ENS 143 
Univ. of Texas at Austin 
Austin, Texas 78712 
Tel: (512) 232-1455 
Fax: (512) 471-5532  

Industrial Track Chair  
Michael Phillip  
Motorola, Inc. 
Mail Drop OE71 
6501 Wm. Cannon Dr. West 
Austin, TX 78735 
Tel: (512) 424-8722 
Fax: (512) 424-8841; 

Advisory Committee  
J. D. Carothers, Univ. of AZ.  
D. Ferrari, UC-Berkeley  
R. Jenevein, UT-Austin  
M.T. Liu, Ohio State Univ.  
M. Obaidat, Monmouth Univ.  
Y. Patt, Univ. of Michigan  
D. Schilling, SCS and CUNY  

International Liaisons  
N. Boudriga, Tunisia  
H. Clausen, Austria  
F. Davoli, Italy  
T. Spracklin, U.K.  
T. Stouraitis, Greece  

Hot Topics For IPCCC'99

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, the following: 
Performance Evaluation 
  • Workload Characterization
  • Trace-Driven Simulation
  • Measurements in High-Speed Systems
  • Traffic Models
Distributed Computing 
  • Synchronization/Coherency
  • Network Operating Systems
  • Distributed Databases
  • Distributed Simulation
Performance Issues in Networks 
  • Protocol Performance
  • Optical Networks
  • Multimedia Protocols
  • High-Performance Switching Fabrics
High-Performance Computing 
  • System Architectures
  • Memory Hierarchies
  • High-Performance I/O
  • Interconnection Networks
  • Optical Interconnects
Mobile Networks 
  • Network Architectures
  • Performance Optimization
  • Network Management, Control & Security

Submission Procedures

Submitted manuscripts must have at least 11-point font size, no more than 4 lines per inch, and no more than 5000 words (about 12 pages), including the abstract, figures, and references.  Authors should obtain company and government clearances prior to submission of papers. Please submit five copies of the complete paper and abstract either to the Communications or Computing Program Co-Chair, depending on the general topic area addressed by your paper. If the topic doesn't fall clearly into either category, you can send it to any one of the two Program Co-Chairs. Submissions must include a separate cover sheet and separate abstract sheet.  The cover sheet MUST provide the name, mailing address, phone number, fax number, and e-mail of the primary contact author for the paper.  The Abstract must include the paper name, listing of author(s) and their affiliations. 

All papers will be reviewed by the Program Committee.  They will be judged with respect to their quality, originality, and relevance.  Accepted papers will be published in the conference proceedings, conditional upon the author's advance registration.  Awards will be given for the best paper.  Extended versions of outstanding papers will be published in refereed scholarly journals. 


Proposals for half-day or full-day tutorials related to the conference topics are invited.  Please contact the Tutorials Chair for proposal guidelines. 

Panel Sessions

We also solicit proposals for special topics and panel sessions.  Please contact the Panel Chair for proposal guidelines. 

Industrial Tracks

Special topic tracks are also invited from the industry to provide a perspective on the practice of computing and communications technology. Please contact the Industrial Track Chair for proposal guidelines. 

Author's Schedule

Submission of Papers:             Sept. 1, 1998/Oct. 1, 1998** 
Notification of Acceptance:        November 1, 1998 
Final Camera-ready paper:        December 2, 1998 

** Authors who submit a 1-page abstract with complete title, author 
names and affiliations will automatically receive an extension till 
October 1, 1998 for the submission of the full paper. 

Further Information